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Our team of experienced, dynamic, dedicated and pragmatic professionals is committed to meeting our client’s requirements without compromising integrity and quality. they consists of lawyers and consultant in the relevant field since we realise in maritime business we need to master not only the legal aspect but also the practical side of the business. This unique composition makes our firm a one stop solution in handling your legal and maritime matters.


Our lawyers, not only that they understand the legal aspects as expected of common lawyers but they are also fully conversed of the specific characteristics of admiralty and maritime law. Diversity and inclusion are the foundation of our culture in building a strong knot between the team and the client. We develop our lawyers to be creative as well as establish mutual respect and collaboration among their peers. We also encourage our lawyers to have other activities outside the office that will shape their skills and knowledge, such as writing and teaching. In addition we also believe in a balanced life between work and personal, which will make our “crew” to bring out their masterpiece quality of work.


Our consultants are professional practitioners with years of experience on major companies in maritime industry around the globe. This includes Master Mariner, Master Engineering, Offshore practitioner, etc., who perform various roles (e.g. rig move master, port captain/port engineer, surveyor), and also professionals from other maritime related sectors such as the Shipping & Manning Agency, the Stevedoring & Forwarding Company, former government officials, etc., that makes our office a one stop solution for all maritime and legal related matters.


  • Capt. Samuel Bonaparte Hutapea, A.Md., S.H., S.E., Master Mariner – Managing Partner
  • Sri Patuan – Partner

  • Capt. Hendrik – Consultant/Office Manager – Jambi Office

  • Tanujaya, S.H. – Associate/Office Manager – Jambi Office

  • Difa, S.H., M.H. – Associate

  • Satrio Laskoro., S.H. – Associate

  • Jerry T. Maslo. – Associate

  • A.B. Ginting, S.H. – Associate

  • Zakky I. Samad, S.H., M.H. – Associate
  • Subhan H. Panjaitan, S.H., M.H., ICAP 1 – Associate

  • Winarti – Consultant
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